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Have You Ever Wondered Why Your House Is Not Selling?

Why is Your House in Costa Rica not Selling?So you have had your house for sell in Costa Rica for a few months and despite your best efforts, you have not been able to sell your house.  Perhaps it is time to ask yourself why you are having a hard time selling it.


A house doesn’t get sold due to many different factors, some of them you can control and others can't. Here are some answers that might help you along the way:


Picking the right price tag: how much your house is worth


A good real estate broker can help you find the right price for your property, not only its construction but also its square footage and surplus value in the area. A house with not a reasonable price, will scare a possible buyer, we need to remember that prices are not in a bubble.



Real Condition of the House


No matter the conditions of the real estate market, the buyer will always care about the appearance of the house, and will have high expectations of it, it´s also understood that when selling a house, you´ll try to invest the least in repairs, but those details will be highly appreciated by the possible buyer when looking at it. Some plants in the garden and paint will do the job!


Good marketing to your house

When you select a real estate broker, be sure he takes good pictures and has a marketing plan on how to sell your house. The first contact a costumer will have with the house would be through the web page, that´s why the good pictures are very important. A property listed with no pictures or low quality ones will not draw interest.

If you want to sell, be available!


One of the most challenging aspects of selling a property is having the owner available to show it. If you can´t or don´t like to be present during the tour, don´t worry, you can give a copy of the key to your broker or the house guard.


At Coldwell Banker Santa Ana Real Estate, we focus in offering a first quality and personalized service to our customers. Our professional workforce with a vast experience in the real estate market will make your buying/selling process a total success. Put your trust in the hands of professionals.

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