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Living in Costa Rica – The World Cup Phenomenon

Living in Costa Rica with the World CupAs an expat from the United States, soccer or football as they call it here and the rest of the world was not a very popular sport when I grew up. 


So I never learned about it until I started to look at Costa Rica homes for sale and one the first house I looked at was close to the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá stadium in San Juan de Tibás.


The house was great but my Costa Rica real estate broker told me that it does get loud at night when there is a big soccer match going on and that traffic is awful as well on game night.  That night, I ended up going to a Saprissa and La Liga soccer match. 

It was definitively an experience as both teams are very popular in Costa Rica and there is such an intense rivalry between the two that you could feel it in the air coming from the teams and the fans.


So that is my story about how I was first introduced to the world of soccer in Costa Rica.


Going back to the 2014 World Cup in Brasil which will start on June 12, 2014, Costa Rica is very excited about it.  Costa Rica being a small country is very proud of its athletes.  So proud that in fact, in my son’s Physical Education class, one of his assignments this week was to answer a few questions about the 2014 World Cup. 


Questions like, “why do you think Ticos are so excited about the World Cup” and about the competition Costa Rica will have in its division.  In addition, the kids got to watch the first match of the World Cup in class when Brazil defeated Croatia 3-1 on June 12, 2014.


If you look around in the newspapers, stores and just the streets, you will see that they are many promotions concerning the World Cup and to be more specific, Costa Rica in the World Cup.In fact, I have already been invited by several of my Costa Rican friends to watch the games at their house where they will have a barbecue, plenty of booze and tons of pro-Costa Rica supporters.


I asked one of them why it is so big and the response was that Costa Rica is a small country which means they have a limited amount of people to find talent.  That Costa Rica has been able to make it to the World Cup is a big honor and the pride of Costa Rica as it shows that they are not just another Latin American country but a country with a World Cup team.


So if you are going to be in Costa Rica during the World Cup, make sure you come on a day where Costa Rica will be playing to experience a side of Costa Rica only available every 4 years and that is only if Costa Rica makes it to the World Cup!

Costa Rica World Cup Group Schedule:

June 14, 2014 at 1PM Costa Rica vs. Uruguay

June 20, 2014 at 12PM ET Costa Rica vs. Italy

June 24, 2014 at 12PM ET Costa Rica vs. England

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