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Why is Your House in Costa Rica not Selling?So you have had your house for sell in Costa Rica for a few months and despite your best efforts, you have not been able to sell your house.  Perhaps it is time to ask yourself why you are having a hard time selling it.


A house doesn’t get sold due to many different factors, some of them you can control and others can't. Here are some answers that might help you along the way:


Picking the right price tag: how much your house is worth


A good real estate broker can help you find the right price for your property, not only its construction but also its square footage and surplus value in the area. A house with not a reasonable price, will scare a possible buyer, we need to remember that prices are not in a bubble.



Living in Costa Rica with the World CupAs an expat from the United States, soccer or football as they call it here and the rest of the world was not a very popular sport when I grew up. 


So I never learned about it until I started to look at Costa Rica homes for sale and one the first house I looked at was close to the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá stadium in San Juan de Tibás.


The house was great but my Costa Rica real estate broker told me that it does get loud at night when there is a big soccer match going on and that traffic is awful as well on game night.  That night, I ended up going to a Saprissa and La Liga soccer match. 

It was definitively an experience as both teams are very popular in Costa Rica and there is such an intense rivalry between the two that you could feel it in the air coming from the teams and the fans.


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