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A precious town of Puntarenas: Dominical Real Estate



Amongst all Costa Rican towns, Dominical is one of the considerably precious towns located within the province of Puntarenas. Years ago, Dominical was not as well-developed and as beautiful as it is now; only farming and fishing had contributed to its industry. But now, hotels and lodges have been constructed, a surfing community has stood up, and development has finally come. An emergence of Dominical real estate has altered what used to be plain fishing nets and farm fields.


In spite of the clear industrial changes, Dominical Real Estate have only committed to constructions that preserve the natural beauty of the community. Dominical villas, condos, resorts, residential homes and vacation homes have not gone against sustainable development. Real estate in the town has been going on and more and more improvements have further magnified its beauty. Investment possibilities here reflect a strong outcome. Easy access to the town has added up to the number of visitors it has each year. It’s one of the few towns in South Costa Rica that attracted investors and entrepreneurs through these promising establishments and assortment of Dominical properties on Coldwell Banker Santa Ana Real Estate.


Real estate in Dominical has made the community an eco-tourism destination. Tour packages are promoted. Surfing is not the only activity enjoyed by the customers; there are also horseback riding, yoga, white water rafting, canopy tours and kayaking. Furthermore, the mountainous region is visited for hiking and forest exploration. And real estate units have added up to the fun – as they are furnished with premiere appliances and even with swimming pools that overlook the vast and shimmering Pacific Ocean. The community has kept up its energy for years now. More and more foreigners are staying in. New activities are being conducted. Both locals and non-locals have mixed up and contributed to the enjoyment in the town. Interestingly the town has become an attraction.


Beaches, of course, are always part of the equation. This has been a majestic asset of Dominical for ages. Then there are dramatically beautiful sunrises and sunsets, long stretches of shorelines, and huge caves. Beach activities such as kayaking and surfing become more exciting. Surfers even enjoy as waves continually take heights, and these crazy waves have not fallen below one’s waistline. And all water sports enthusiasts love how the water temperature stays as desirable as they prefer it to be.


Investing in Dominical real estate is an opportunity. Roads and airports have promoted a safe and easy travel. Industrial changes have purveyed more activities to do. Beaches have remained to be shimmering assets. Undeniably, a tourist destination that becomes more developed and visited as the years go by. Invest now and a shimmering future would also lie ahead for you.


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