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Live your dream lifestyle at Manuel Antonio Real Estate


There are many condominiums available in the world famous city of Manuel Antonio. The condos can be considered for a vacation rental schedule. The place is well known for its national park with its distinct wildlife. There are several unique restaurants to make this place a popular and exciting retreat for people from all parts of the world.


Coldwell Banker has some hot properties in this place. For example, the Villa Pelicano is right in the center of Manuel Antonio. It is built like a mansion, high in the jungle hills of Manuel Antonio. It has a five-acre estate in a tropical paradise setting. It gives you the impressive panoramic ocean view standing more than five hundred feet above sea level. You will see monkeys and sloths here. You may also find some colourful toucans.


When people show interest in Manuel Antonio Real Estate, they want unequalled ocean view along with a good feel of the beaches. They are also interested in fishing, sailing and scuba diving. One of the biggest attractions of this place is its national park which includes the Cathedral Point. You will find sheltered bays here. It is one of the most popular and oft visited destinations among all the national parks and the reserve systems of Costa Rica. It is actually a small peninsula with areas devoted to agriculture and tourism development. It is one of the most scenic national parks.


Manuel Antonio Real Estate offers you a good mix of scenic beauty and an active style of life. Apart from the Manuel Antonio beach, there are Espadilla Sur and Puerto Escondido beaches in the area. Surf tournaments are held in this region. Its location gives the real estate market investor an impressive return on investment. The high end real estate is located mostly near the beaches. Tourists are keen on staying near the coastal areas because of the white sand on the beaches and the crystal clear waters. The weather is also great all the year round.


You can also find storage warehouses and office spaces in Manuel Antonio Real Estate. Shops and industrial spaces are being leased out for business reasons. People from all over the world are approaching Coldwell Banker Santa Ana Real Estate not to lose an opportunity of booking their Manuel Antonio properties.


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