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Santa Ana Costa Rica Real Estate

Santa Ana Costa Rica Real EstateSanta Ana, Costa Rica is one of the hottest areas in Costa Rica that provides an irresistible place for vacationers, investors and migrating families looking for stunning sceneries, perfect climate, modern infrastructures, friendly environment, affordable real estate and low cost- quality lifestyle.


Buying or Renting Santa Ana Real Estate might just be the best option for families looking for a perfect place to retire, a new lifestyle and searching for ways to stretch their financial resources. To help you decide whether acquiring a property in Costa Rica is a great investment or not, we will give everything you need to know about Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

Santa Ana is a municipality located in the province of San Jose and is one of the fastest growing cities in the Central Valley. Because of these developments, land prices in the city have increased by 30% each year in the past two years. Despite of the significant climbed in real estate prices; the city is still affordable for average middle-class and working class retirees. In fact, Real Estate in Santa Ana offers quality at more affordable properties prices when compared with other popular retirement areas.

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There’s no need for to worry about acquiring a property in a foreign land because non natives can also acquire property/properties in Costa Rica. Good thing that acquisition of private properties is protected by the constitution of Costa Rica wherein foreigners share the same property rights as Costa Ricans. Foreign buyers don’t have to be residents or be living in the country to purchase Santa Ana Real Estate Properties. What’s good with these properties is that they can also be a good source of income for its owners.

Moreover, you can’t go wrong with the properties from Santa Ana because they are among the preferred choice for vacationers due to their strategic locations, high quality and accessible price. Coldwell Banker Santa Ana Real Estate offer variety of architectural residences and commercial properties for visitors and investors from around the world. They have luxury homes in gated communities, villas, condominiums, golf clubs, residential development and commercial lands, commercial buildings, inns, hotels and other properties worthy of every cent of your investment. Most of these properties have great reduction on their prices, making them more affordable and achievable for interested investors!

Furthermore, Santa Ana residences and commercial properties offer state-of-the art amenities and facilities. The Investors will surely capitalize from these properties with the new trend of vacationers opting for vacation rentals offering more space and private amenities instead of paying for multiple rooms. Having a property in Santa Ana is not only getting the best of both worlds, it’s like having the best of three worlds. Properties of Santa Ana Real Estate are purposely located near schools, shops, pristine beaches and entertainment so you don’t have to travel for long to get to where you wanted to go.

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